Founding Members

David Haskell - Light on the Wall (click for full view)

David Haskell

My paintings are the result of experiences in the field that have inspired my sense of awe and appreciation for the incredible beauty of the Western landscape.  I am particularly drawn to moving water and the power of vast open spaces. Whether painting on site or later in the studio, I attempt to capture the quality of light and mood that inspired me at the time I witnessed the scene.  Plein air painting has progressively become a more important part of my artistic endeavor.

I was a founding member of the Arizona Plein Air Painters and served two terms as the first president.


Cody DeLong - Sedona Emerging (click for larger view)

Cody DeLong

"Each painting I do springs from an idea I have about my subject. I'm not a formulaic painter, meaning I don't use the same approach for each painting I do. This is a sometimes risky way of working, but it's what keeps my love alive for the process. I feel like I can never learn it all, so each new day is an opportunity to challenge myself to grow in new directions. The end result hopefully, is painterly, with great color, light and drama. I hope to catch your eye and make you think differently about the scene, and perhaps, about painting."

Cody is a founding member and former Vice-President of the Arizona Plein Air Painters.

Cindy Carrillo  - California Evening

Cindy Carrillo - California Evening

Cindy carrillo

As an native Arizonian, I know and love the Southwest and its terrain well. The weather allows me to paint most of the time outdoors rather than trapped in the studio. The Arizona desert is my favorite location, but you will find me very happily painting on the sand of Laguna Beach, on the trails of the Rocky Mountains, or by a ditch along the road.

I strive to share my view of the space, the true colors, and the atmosphere of the location. Details are added to give a sense of place and truth but I do not give it all away, leaving room for the viewer to add the rest of the story.  Painting from life allows me to do all these things in a most satisfying way and still be true to nature.

Dawn Sutherland - Hidden Light

Dawn Sutherland - Hidden Light

Dawn Sutherland is a painter of Southwest landscapes.  Dawn was a teacher in her first life, and a college counselor in her second.  She began her third life as a painter in 2001.  An avid gardener and hiker, Dawn, her husband, Stan, and their cats, moved to Arizona in 2004.  There, her paintbrushes met the challenge of intense blue skies, distant horizons, canyon mazes and crazy quilts of wildflowers blanketing the earth.

“Painting outdoors, en plein air, uniquely captures the depth, definition, and feeling of the landscape before me.  I feel there is almost always a near-perfect composition provided by nature.  Sometimes a scene calls out loudly to be painted; sometimes I hear only a mere whisper.  These are the images that find their way to my heart and my canvas”