How to Host a Paint Out in Five Easy Steps

"You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself." - Ricky Nelson, Garden Party

Have you ever wanted to go to an APAP paint out, only to find you have to work, babysit, sleep, go to the doctor, or whatever on the days the regular Arizona Plein Air Painters (APAP) paint outs are scheduled? Are the paint outs just too far away? Do you wish they were in the afternoon, instead of the morning or vice versa? Are you dying to paint this perfect, little spot, but don't want to go out alone and that little spot never ends up on our calendar? Guess what? There's a fix for that. You!

Any APAP member can host a paint out anytime and anywhere they'd like. Here's how in five easy steps:

Details, Details

Decide when, where, and what time you want to have your paint out. Pick a spot to meetup in the area you've chosen.

Take a Photo of the Location

Take a photo of the location or, if that's not possible before the time you are going to have your event, you may be able to find one online. Just make sure to provide attribution to the photographer or the website where you found the photo.

Email the Info

Send your paint out details to me here. I'll send you back the email address where you can send the photo. I'll get it on the calendar and our Facebook group event page ASAP. I'll also invite all members of the APAP Facebook group to your paint out.

Show Up

It's very important you show up for your paint out. Especially, if only one other person makes it to your paint out, who may have had to make tortuous arrangements to attend and driven a long way to get there. Surely, they will be deeply disappointed to find they have no painting partner and don't feel comfortable painting alone.


This is the last and best step. Have fun with your new and old friends and paint some good stuff.

See you in the pictures!